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Going Somewhere?

We're headed that way, and we know your time is valuable so let's get to work. Need a single piece of furniture moved? Your whole apartment or house? No problem. No move is too big or small for NYC's best movers. Aside from rates you'll love, the reasons you should book with us are clear:

  • When you book with us, you get us:
    • Owner granger greenbaum is directly involved with every move, ensuring quality service.
  • You get peace of mind:
  • You get great service:
    • To us this means honesty, efficiency and care.
  • You get our bedbug free equipment:
    • We regularly treat our truck and moving blankets for pests!

So what's next? Each move is detailed and unique so submit a quote or call us today to find out how we can help you.

Any Questions?
  • Are you guys insured?
    • Yes, we carry cargo policies and liability if your building requires it.
  • Will my quoted price change?
    • If you receive a flat rate there are several factors that could account for a price change: (1) additional items to be moved that aren't originally listed, (2) extra traveling e.g. another stop, or another flight of stairs etc. So, please be as accurate as possible on your quote!
  • Can you pack for me/ how should I pack?
    • We offer packing services via , but if you are packing yourself put the heavy stuff in small boxes, lighter stuff in larger boxes, remove items from drawers and secure breakables. We will wrap furniture/tvs for you.
  • How can I pay?
    • Cash or credit only. And, of course, tips are always appreciated =)
  • How can I get some awesome Greenbaum Expert Moving merchandise?
    • Just ask Granger.

So what's next? Each move is detailed and unique so submit a quote or call us today to find out how we can help you.


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